Slate raven

Slate raven

Multitouch DAW and Software Controller Touch screen with dedicated Raven Mixer software, Optimal interaction of 10-point touch control and mixer . Lohnt sich solch ein Touch-Display? In the past decade, the technological revolution has transformed audio into a medium that is produced and. The Slate RAVEN Multi-Touch Production Console lets you get closer to your DAW mix than ever before, as it.

Achieve complete control over long-throw faders, pans, sends, and more with its 27 . FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

Is the Raven the future of DAW control — or an oversized iPad? Mittlerweile haben viele DAW-Hersteller iPad-Apps zur Bedienung ihrer Software veröffentlicht und damit einen einfachen Einstieg in die Welt . V-Control Pro is also used to connect the Slate Raven MTiand MTX mksystems to media applications such as Pro Tools and Logic Pro. Free shipping, free year warranty on most products.

The RAVEN MTi is a state-of-the-art multi-touch DAW and software controller featuring the RAVEN MIXER, a powerful multi-touch mixer that can control all major . Raven Hardware Manuals RAVEN MTiOVERVIEW AND SPECS Raven Pro Tools User Manuals RAVEN MTi 3. Enter the Raven from the good folk at Slate Digital. Slate hit the market hard with its first iteration of the Raven – a giant $10touch screen .

The RAVEN MTiMulti -Touch Production Console brings the lightning fast workflow of the larger MTX . The RAVEN series of Multi-Touch Production Consoles turn your actual DAW into a world class control surface. They are now one of the top . Anders als bisher ist . Slate Media Technology today announce the newest addition to the RAVEN family of Multi-Touch Control Surfaces, the MTi2. Welcome to Slate Support. Using the RAVEN MTi users have access to multi-touch faders, pans, sends, and tweak plugins with their fingers as if they were real hardware. The Slate Raven marries the best attributes of a professional mixing console with a professional computer monitor.

Letting you get closer to . Slate announces a major update for Raven. Gestures,” a new development offering even further efficiencies for . In this Slate Raven MTi review, Jae Daniel puts the Raven through its paces. Is this unique multi-touch control surface right for you?

Designed to complement RAVEN MTIcontrol surfaces, the Slate Digital CORE STATION provides stylish, ergonomic, and modular housing of the . The RAVEN MTiis a Multi-Touch Production Console featuring a state of the art multi-touch panel and the powerful new RAVEN 3. This is a world-class control surface. Mit dem Raven MTistellt Slate solch einen Monitor ins Zentrum, der als Alternative zu herkömmlichen Geräten mit physikalischen Motorfadern .